Companies are increasingly involved in merger and acquisition processes, either as buyer or seller, both in Belgium and abroad.

Some risks are very sensitive and the success or failure of the entire process can be dependent on it. More and more, insurers can offer a tailor made solution to cover some of these risks.

And once a Belgian company has conquered its place abroad, political risks may offer a new challenge.

How can this issue be dealt with?

When: 21/04/2016 – 14h30 – 18h00

Venue : Fluxys, Kunstlaan 31, Avenue des Arts 31, 1040 Brussels


Katrien Vorlat                    Partner at Stibbe

Andew Hunt                      Managing Director Marsh London

Priscille Hérault               Senior Underwriter HCC ( Tokio Marine)

Karel Vanderputte             Underwriting specialist Delcredere / Ducroire

All presentations will be in English.




  • Ravyts Jan

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