Some historical facts

The concept of Risk Management came from the USA in the early 70’s.

The term was used to designate all techniques used for the control and management of security in companies, from the supplies to customer satisfaction through all the stages of production en commercialisation.

In parallel, an analysis and policy of financial retention of risks was applied in the structure of the insurance programmes bought by these companies. Risk Management’s main feature was a vision that was primarily based on proactive management of prevention in all the fields and founded on techniques such as forms of retention, control of statistics, optional reinsurance.

This new concept of risk management induced the insurance managers of the big European companies, until then restricted to the underwriting of insurances, to unite their efforts in order to compare their experiences in the field of risk management.

Therefore, in 1974, risk and insurance managers of industrial, commercial and service companies decided to create the Groupement des Assurés de l’Industrie (GAI / VVI) . In 1992, they changed their name to