The BELRIM Advisory Board (previously Scientific Committee) consists of two entities: the BELRIM Academy and the Think Tank.

The BELRIM Academy aims to intensify the contacts between BELRIM and the academic world.These contacts should lead to a win-win situation for all parties involved.

What’s in it for the Academic World:

  • Promotion of professors and students work
  • Speaker at BELRIM exchanges
  • Promotion of BELRIM prize
  • Publication on BELRIM website
  • A seat in the jury of the master papers taken into account for BELRIM prize
  • Develop network with global Risk Management industry
  • Attendance to Belrim exchanges free of charge
  • Development of international connections through FERMA and IFRIMA
What’s in it for the students:
  • Link between studies and profession
  • Networking facilities with Risk Management insurers, brokers, academics
  • Hands-on experience through internships
  • Active involvement in Scientific Committee
  • Dissemination of thesis at international level through Belrim prize
  • Acquire extra Risk Management knowledge and know-how
  • Participation in BELRIM exchanges free of charge
  • Participation in FERMA Forum thanks to Belrim prize
What’s in it for BELRIM:
  • Promote BELRIM as a professional institution
  • Develop contacts between Risk Managers and academic world
  • Share professional Risk Management network with students and professors
  • Promote Risk Management as a holistic discipline
  • Stay up-to-date with educational changes in Risk Management

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The Think Tank‘s aim is to launch new projects and to reflect on current and new challenges.

Our focus concerning new projects now comprises raising awareness for risk management within the SME community and building bridges between the private and the public sector.

Challenges we wish to study include Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, ESG, …