A diverse group of young professionals and students joined a Young Prozzz event in Antwerp last Thursday (9 Oct) to discuss intrapreneurship – entrepreneurship within companies. BELRIM was also represented from the perspective that intrapreneurship entails risk taking. The evening started off with a panel of experienced intrapreneurs and coaches sharing their experiences and insights. All panellists made the same observation that a passion for what you do is the driving force behind any progress. After the panel discussion there was ample time for networking, which provided a great platform for BELRIM to give insight into the many and diverse intrapreneurial opportunities in the risk management world. A big thanks therefore goes out to Young Prozzz for putting together a well-organised and interesting event.

Link to Young Prozzz interview with Carl Leeman, Vice President of BELRIM, Chief Risk Officer at Katoen Natie

For pictures, go to http://youngprozzz.com/events/intrapreneursmeetup

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