BELRIM stands for Belgian Risk Management Association. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 for risk and insurance managers in Belgium. BELRIM is part of the European Federation of Risk management (FERMA), as well as the International Federation (IFRIMA). In Belgium, BELRIM has more than 200 members, covering a broad range of companies and organizations: multinationals, SME’s, start-ups, but also public entities and the academic world.


BELRIM wants to exchange knowledge and experience from all these organisations by:

– Organizing seminars and workshops (so-called Exchanges)

– Organizing live discussions (so-called Stamcafes)

– Participating in study days of academic educational institutions

– Reaching out to promising students in risk management with the BELRIM Prize, and to junior professionals with Young BELRIM

– Being the connector between the academic and professional world for internships, job opportunities, …

– …


The importance of collaboration

BELRIM is aware of the rapidly evolving and complex risk management environment. As a risk manager, you cannot be a ‘cavalier seul’ anymore when it comes to risks. The strenght lies in  collaboration with other companies and/or organisations. It creates an added value for the Risk management community and BELRIM’s members in particular.

There is a strong bond with sponsors (from the insurance world) and partners (e.g. PwC), who also give input of knowledge, skills, experience, contacts,… These joint efforts further professionalize the risk management profession, both in risk management in general as in risk management for enterprises.

BELRIM therefore acts upon this vision, by being a spokesperson with regards to authorities, the administration, the federation of Belgian companies and other associations.


Risk management for everyone

BELRIM aims at being the connector of risk management in all its aspects and therefore for everyone:

– for the experienced professionals as well as for junior professionals

– for the private sector, as well as for public institutions

– for businesses, as well as for the academic world

– for multinationals, as well as for SME’s (KMO’s or PME’s) and start ups

BELRIM wants to be the point of contact for the whole risk management community and wishes to connect people beyond borders.


You as a BELRIM member

BELRIM believes that bringing everyone together in risk management will lead to better understanding and answers to current and future risk challenges. Through close collaboration with our sponsors, partners, but mostly you as a (future) member, BELRIM builds its foundation day-in and day-out as a trusted advisor and knowledge leader in risk management.

We are therefore looking forward to your input, your questions, your experience, your point of view, and your insights!


Join the community!

Even if you are not part of the BELRIM community, you are always welcome to join one of our events, to get to know BELRIM and its members, free of obligation to become a member. Contact Ann ( for more information.

We send out a quarterly newsletter with updates on the agenda and risk management news. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by sending a short mail to Ann (

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Together for Risk Management, BELRIM for you


We are a great Risk Management Community where people matter: you’ve got every reason to join. Meet you soon!


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