I discovered the BELRIM Prize via my thesis supervisor and director of the “Centre d’Etude de la Performance des Entreprise” at the University of Liège, who told me about BELRIM and the BELRIM prize. I participated in 2017. I submitted my thesis for the jury’s appreciation and they informed me I was invited to present my work in front of the BELRIM Scientific Committee. I was very lucky to be declared the winner of this prize! I really felt honoured. I knew I had done a very good quality thesis, but I didn’t expect such recognition. As one of the prizes, I was able to participate in the FERMA Forum in Monaco; an unforgettable moment. It was my first time to visit Monaco and its paradise landscape. The forum itself was a rich learning experience and a huge networking environment. I learned a lot in a few days and got to know a lot of interesting people.


Up until today, I can benefit from the recognition of the BELRIM Prize. Currently, I am in the process of launching a company specializing in advice and support in the creation of a safety culture. From the Anamnesis of safety and the audit of safety culture, I allow companies to draw up their reliability profile and identify priority improvement levers to both reduce unfortunate events and reduce risks of accidents. This project is the result of my doctoral research crowned by the BELRIM prize, supplemented by three years of research funded by the Walloon region as part of the First Spin-off program.


The BELRIM prize has obviously been a key element in the growth of my career and if I mention this to prospects or any other communication, this is very well received. I would certainly encourage everyone to be a part of it!


Marius Kamto Kenmogne (PhD & CEO of Phiability )

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