Why is participating to the European Risk Management Seminar important to you?

The business environment we are operating in evolves towards an ever-complex environment bringing new risks and challenges. Embracing these changes and adapting practices in response is the key to success. It’s about going that extra mile, going beyond traditional risk management, staying up to speed, building relations, building the future risk management foundation, together.

“Risk management is not a destination, it is a journey, and you will be on it forever,” and so is participating to the European Risk Management Seminar.


Why is the theme “Corporate Risk & Finance: how to finance the ever-growing universe of risk?” relevant in today’s fast-paced world?

Today’s fast-paced world has demonstrated the importance of understanding and timely anticipating the risks that might impact the corporate purpose, the need to move from an insurance and compliance approach towards seeing risk as integral to corporate strategy. It’s about evolving from “buying insurances” towards “selling risks” – internally and externally – supporting the realization of the organization’s strategy and objectives.

New emerging risks – and COVID 19 in particular – have shown that these risks can come with a major and destabilizing financial impact, underlining the necessity of effective financial planning covering multiple time horizons – insurances are important however not enough.


At the FERMA Seminar you will be presenting ” Reconciling ERM with Insurance, getting the best out of both worlds”, what would you like the audience to remember after your session?

We have embarked on a new risk management journey navigating towards a more holistic risk-based approach, with a need for clear and effective enterprise risk management involving various stakeholders and allowing for a strong risk management foundation.

Risk management affects everybody, top-down and bottom-up. With the growing diversity of risks and ongoing globalization, risks cannot longer be managed in isolation. Pro-active cooperation and communication with multiple stakeholders will be key – which goes also for ERM and Insurance.


How will the role and responsibilities of the European risk managers evolve in order to achieve the green and digital transition?

European risk managers are to become risk partners at various levels, top down and bottom up, driving a new and strong risk culture. European risk managers have to walk the talk as a business leader and hence contribute to the corporate purpose – building on the dual green and digital transition.

Source: FERMA

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