For the first time, the AMRAE, the French association for Risk Managers, has defined the framework for the position of Risk Manager: Activities, Tasks, Skills.

A Professional Reference Tool: with what objectives?

Right from now, this Reference Tool constitutes an essential point of reference within companies

For Risk Managers: By defining the very concepts of Risk Management and Risk Manager, the Reference Tool enables Risk Managers to enhance recognition of their position and legitimise their action in coordinating the overall risk management process vis-à-vis their General Management and all other stakeholders.

For General Management: By setting out the outlines and the contents of the position, the Reference Tool enables members of General Management to grasp the added value of the Risk Manager and the potential interactions with other positions within the company.

For Board Members: By carrying on the work undertaken towards clarification of the missions of each party (see the position put forward by the AMRAE / IFACI), the Reference Tool enables proper identification of the actors in charge both of the implementation of the coordination, and of the effectiveness of the risk management arrangements.

For Human Resources and Training Departments: By setting out a reference framework for activities, broken down into tasks and requirements linked to the expected skills and qualities, the reference tool facilitates the hiring, performance assessment and evolution of the Risk Manager (skill- and career-management).

For other positions and their Professional Associations: By clarifying the respective responsibilities and missions, the Reference Tool encourages the implementation and fostering of the necessary contacts and interactions for the implementation of the risk control process.

Download the document here RiskManagerFramework_AMRAE_2013_0

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