A real-life experience, the expertise of a re-integration partner and a highly effective approach to “Corporate Wellness” is what the invitation promised and that is exactly what the 45 ladies who attended this event got. Catherine Van Cauwelaert explained how she fell into the trap of burn-out and how she recovered. Réhalto came with three experts to tell us how they work hand in hand with the HR departments to help people re-integrate work after a burn-out or another long-term absence. Finally, Griet from MOOV-IT asked us to close our eyes and do a full body-check before explaining the how and why of Corporate Wellness and how to prevent people from burning out. At the end of this interesting and much appreciated session, a lucky winner received a Bongo Wellness Voucher to put the theory into practice.

In the meantime a short survey was held among the attendees and the feedback will be posted on this website.


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