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Diane Mintjens joined BELRIM with DEXIA in the mid 1990s and has been a Board Member since 2006.

What is your function with DEXIA?

I am responsible for the management and negotiation of insurance policies on a group level and this in close collaboration with the operational Risk Management (where I worked previously for 7 years).

Why did you join BELRIM?

Being a risk manager can be a lonely function. Therefore I see it as a definite added value to be part of a professional association, to attend the exchanges and get the opportunity to talk to colleagues who face the same questions and difficulties regarding insurance and risk management.

After having participated as a member, I thought it was time to engage myself in the organisation of such a valuable association.

What I particularly appreciate is that BELRIM makes things happen and does not merely stick to empty discussions.

What is risk management for you?

Within banks, the RM function is well developed and highly mature. A process of risk description, evaluation and mitigation is in place, which is a treasure of information for the last link in the chain: the transfer of the risks by insurance, as far as possible of course. Read more.
In my opinion, RM is crucial in a company and it is a mandatory basis for an adapted insurance programme.

Have you seen an evolution in Risk Management since you joined the board?

When I joined the board, we mainly talked about insurance. Only between banks Risk Management was discussed. But under the influence of banks and insurers, Risk Management has become a much broader topic, which started to come to the attention of non-banks. Certain events, such as terrorist attacks in the US, the year 2000 and the EUR have hastened the process of implementation of Risk Management and increased the attention to Risk Management.

Has being a Board Member had an added value for you?

If you are in the heart of the community, you need to have a broad view on Risk and Insurance Management and you surely have to be able to imagine the topics that are interesting for as many members as possible. The reinforcement of contacts is very enriching and in order to organise exchanges you need to know the topic well before you can set up an interesting and appealing half-day seminar. You want the members to go home with the feeling that they have learned something and that they have met people they can contact again to help them develop their projects.

How can BELRIM Members take part actively in the association’s activities?

They can do this at different level: by simple attending our exchanges and making them interactive, by letting us know which topics and evolutions our exchanges could be of interest for them, by sharing their experience (virtually or live).

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