Ben Benoot joined Galloo in August ’21 as Insurance Manager. Galloo is a recycling company that handles scrap, vehicles, electronic waste, plastics, etc. His department manages the company’s insurance policies, claims and fleet.

Ben became interested in RIMAP, the Risk Management Certification Program, during his first months at Galloo. As a former insurance broker, he had already seen various aspects of risk management. But to apply it effectively, he needed to delve deeper into the practise.

During his search for the right risk management course, he stumbled upon RIMAP. Among other things, he was intrigued by the continuous learning aspect of the RIMAP program and the fact that it is a self-study course.

When he realized that the course content would provide him with the knowledge he was seeking, and with encouragement of some BELRIM members, he decided to go for it.
It was challenging as the course is in English and goes deep into the risk management practise. BELRIM provided Ben with practical support for the course, and he could also consult other people who had already done the RIMAP exam.

The exam was taken in a meeting room at Galloo. Although he was alone in the room, someone monitored him via a Zoom session. The proctor asked him to show the room and checked his identity. Then Ben had to answer 100 multiple-choice questions and needed to score at least 70 out of 100 to pass.

The questions turned out to be more difficult than the test exam he had taken a few days earlier. Fortunately, he managed to complete them within the allotted time and passed.

One of the remarkable things Ben shared from the course is the link between Strategy and Risk Management.  Unlike what many people think, risk management does not only focus on the negative aspects of risk, but also on the opportunities that can arise from it and the strategy behind it. The course also highlights the “upside of risk” in the risk management process.

Since the start, Ben has implemented several initiatives at Galloo with the insights he acquired, and he is planning to continue doing so!

Congratulations again to Ben Benoot on achieving the RIMAP certification!


We thank Ben for the information, and we hope that this will challenge others to follow this FERMA RIMAP Certification trajectory.



The FERMA RIMAP certification has been created to have an independent confirmation of the professional competences and experience of a risk manager. It’s a European standard, which is recognized by FERMA’s 21 risk management member associations.


Interested to know more?

Do you also want to seize your opportunity to become the 21st century Risk Professional? BELRIM provides supervised sessions, especially for BELRIM members. If you wish to apply you can go to the FERMA RIMAP Certification website, or let us know if you are interested!  

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