The FERMA RIMAP certification has been created to have an independent confirmation of the professional competences and experience of a risk manager. It’s a European standard, which is recognized by FERMA’s 21 risk management member associations.



Anne-Catherine actually wanted to do the RIMAP exam in 2020, but because of COVID-19, the examination date was postponed. At the beginning of 2022 she really wanted to apply again, so as soon as she could, she subscribed to a new examination date. Currently, Anne-Catherine works as European Risk Manager & legal counsel at AGC Glass Europe. The company is a manufacturer of flat glass, both for the automotive industry as for architectural purposes. Her function is the broad range of risk management, with insurance coverages, financial and non-financial assessments and audits, and several projects where risks need to be evaluated and tackled.


She has been a member at BELRIM for approximately 15 years nowacting as risk manager in the Industrial business ever since… A few years ago, she discovered the RIMAP certification while discussing with some peers during a Belrim Event. With the RIMAP examination, she wanted to expand her knowledge of risk management, as she finds it very important to never stop learning. She also wanted to have an official certificate in her field of expertise and RIMAP, as it is a European standard, seemed the perfect qualification.


She thinks it’s really great that BELRIM supports RIMAP and that the members of BELRIM are properly informed about it. With some tips of another BELRIM member who had already succeeded the RIMAP exam, and a clear syllabus, the course was really straightforward to go through. On top of the 500 pages, the syllabus gives a lot of examples to make things more tangible if needed. Every chapter ends with a list of websites that you can check, if you want to tap into a certain topic more. According to Anne-Catherine, experience is needed to start the course. As a junior with no experience, it might be hard to understand all the course material. For her as an experienced risk manager, there weren’t really any topic that she didn’t know yet, or which she was unaware of. But it was very good to have a broad overview and refine the risk management concepts, theories and strategies.


After the examination, she was informed that she succeeded the RIMAP exam, and now the continuous learning program of FERMA will start for her. She is excited to see what the future brings, and she will certainly keep going to FERMA’s events, network with other risk managers, follow the BELRIM exchanges and stamcafés, to keep learning in this field.


If I asked Anne-Catherine if she would recommend the RIMAP examination, her answer was a clear “yes”. She explained to me that it can be complex for junior risk managers, but if you have some experience in risk management, and you have some experience in the field, it is very good to broaden your knowledge with this examination. She also wants to support the risk community by strengthening the profession through this official European risk management certification.


We thank Ann-Catherine for the information, and we hope that this will motivate other risk managers to follow this FERMA RIMAP Certification trajectory!

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Do you also want to seize your opportunity to become the 21st century Risk Professional? BELRIM provides supervised sessions, especially for BELRIM members. If you wish to apply, you can go to the FERMA RIMAP Certification website for more information, or  let us know if you are interested!  

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