A topic such as “Risk manager in non-financial corporation, risk manager in insurance company: friends or enemies?” could not but attract a high number of  interested risk management professionals last Wednesday, February 27th to the Belfius-auditorium in the Passage 44 in Brussels.

Audrey Meganck (Allianz) & Marie Dequae (FERMA) explained in the first place de major differences between the function of CRO in the insurance environment  compared to the one in the non-financial sector.

With Jean-Claude Debussche (Allianz) as moderator, after the coffee-break a lively panel discussion started  between Marc Rasière, CEO Belfius Insurance, Luc Lallemand, CEO Infrabel, Heidi Delobelle, CRO AG Insurane & Jo Willaert, CRO Agfa.

From the discussions and questions afterwards, we remember  that the contents of the CRO-function in an insurance environment does not  differ so much from the one in the non-financial sector, all such efforts must be anchored in corporate strategic-planning processes. An RM-Insurer’s function is a protected function, with more authority because of existing regulation whilst the non-financial  RM has no strict legal framework so that the RM-function  is more built on other than regulatory needs, e.g. internal enterprise culture & organization.

Due to lack  of time it was not possible to answer all the questions, but the discussion remains open… for sure to be followed.

An informal reception, offered  by Belfius, closed this successful joint exchange IA/BE – Belrim.

De Verzekeringswereld published an article (in Dutch) on this seminar.

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