Public policy and regulation around social and sustainability issues is growing in both developed and emerging markets. The evaluation of these issues have been incorporated into the acceptance criteria for project finance. Environmental, health and safety regulations have evolved to a strict framework with serious potential implications on asset value, D&O risks and material CAPEX to put facilities back into compliance. Being unable to respond to those typical non-financial risks may result into a serious reputational burden, business interruption or become a financial nightmare for entrepreneurs. Energy and carbon related legislation, for example, require on-going management, with significant penalties for non-compliance.

During the subject conference, lectures were given on different non-financial risks in the field of governance, environmental, social and sustainability issues, having increasing impact on the business lifecycle. The conference focused on risk professionals (risk and insurance managers, SHEQ managers, Senior Executives and financial managers) and was supported by Belrim (Belgian Association of Risk Managers).

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