In collaboration with AGCS, BELRIM organises this exchange on Supply Chain issues.

The globalization of trade and the quest for greater competitiveness have been accompanied by an increase in the complexity and fragility of the supply chain.
By pushing the boundaries, by multiplying the actors involved, our sourcing and distribution models expose the company to new risks that go far beyond operating losses. These risks become extremely difficult to evaluate and quantify.

How to know your supply chain?

How to improve visibility on the risk exposures of the supply chain?

How to identify and evaluate them?

What tools and methodologies can we use to improve risk resilience?

Are there insurance solutions?

Through the feedback of its speakers, the ambition of this exchange will be to provide concrete answers to the Risk Managers’ questions on one of the main risks of the company.

Speakers :             Georgi Pachov, Global Practice Leader, Cyber & BI, AGCS. 

                              Alexandra Pfalzgraf –  VP Insurance & Risk Management – Schneider Electric

                              Laurent Giordani –  Associé fondateur – Kyu Associés (cabinet de conseil en Management)

Presentations will be in English and French – Slides will be in English



Salons de Romrée - Beiaardlaan 311850 Grimbergen
Salons de Romrée - Beiaardlaan 31 - 1850 Grimbergen

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