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Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise. Recent surveys indicate that most companies believe they will experience a significant Cyber attack in 2015. This threat environment is something risk managers need and do take into consideration.  But how precisely do offenders attack a major company or government institution? How can decision makers ensure that they remain calm and initiate the right counter measures, that actually decrease and not further increase the risks? Out of all the decisions that have to be taken in such situation – which are the ones that are in the responsibility of the top management? During the Cyber Workshop the Cybercrime Research Institute will perform a live incident simulation. Within the simulation the participants will be able to experience the dynamics of a Cyber attack and the potentially dramatic consequences. The simulation will underline the necessary involvement of the top management in the decision making process. During the simulation the participants will be confronted with realistic attacks against a company or government institution. They will need to evaluate information from different sources and initiate counter measures. Their decisions will immediately influence the way the plot develops.


9h45 : welcome participants

10h – 11h30 : Prof Marco Gercke , Director Cybercrime Research Institute-Cologne Cyber atttack simulation and debreifing

11h30-11h45 : short break

11h45 – 12h15 : Christian Schauer, Senior Risk Engineer, Swiss Re – Risk assessment of Cyber Risk

12h15-12h45 : Marie Louise Den Otter, Senior Underwriter Financial lines and Sofie Temmerman, Financial lines manager, Allianz – Underwriting key components

12h45-13h : Q&A

The presentation will be followed by a sandwich lunch

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Trifinance Excelsiorlaan 4B 1930 Zaventem

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