The corona pandemic has kept us hostage for many months. Dealing with it on a corporate level was more than a challenge. But also on a personal level this crisis has had much impact on people’s mental wellness.

  • Informal discussions – coffee breaks – with colleagues have disappeared.
  • Networking facilities  can’t take place.
  • Agendas are crammed with virtual meetings.
  • More multitasking is required.
  • Combining teleworking with kids at home – and/or a partner in the same situation – creates extra stress.
  • Fear of contamination and uncertainty regarding the future are destabilizing factors.

Do you recognize this for yourself or your colleagues? How do you deal with these challenges? What are your needs?

BELRIM wants to give its risk and insurance managers a platform to exchange their experience and put their issues to a specialist, Lode Godderis, Prof. occupational medicine and CEO of IDEWE.

“We research the impact of work on employee health by unravelling the underlying mechanisms and at the same time we also investigate how health (problems) can have an impact on workability.”


When: 27/05/2021 – from 16h30 till 18h00
How: Teams Meeting

(the login details will be sent to you by separate mail on the day of the event)





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