Most of you are probably now familiar with our BELRIM “State of the Market” exchanges.

The storm in the insurance market that started two years ago is far from calming.
In 2020, prices have continued to rise, limits to be reduced, retention to be increased and exclusions to be added into our insurance programs.
But what can we expect going forward ? What are our potential alternatives ?

To assist us in anticipating those renewals we do propose you to participate in a new webinar exchange on the “State of the Market”.

This webinar will be organized in 2 separate sessions (1h each including a time for your questions and answers)

1.          We shall first listen to the prognostic of the market evolution from an insurance and reinsurance perspective.
Mr. Bart Van Gyseghem, AON, with an insurance perspective, and Mr. David Gesquière, Guy Carpenter, with a reinsurance perspective, will share their views and conclusions.
2.         We shall then present the results of the BELRIM “Insurance Benchmark” survey, (the link to survey will be sent a couple of weeks ahead of the webinar), followed by an informal discussion between BELRIM Effective members of their past renewal experience and their anticipated strategy for the next renewals.

Hopefully at the end of this webinar we’ll have a clearer vision on:-

Have we all suffered very strict constrictions during our last renewals ?
Have all lines of insurances been impacted similarly ?
Will the insurance and the reinsurance market harden even further ?
And, more importantly, what could be our strategy going forward ?


WHEN: 29/04/2021 – from 4 pm till 6 pm
HOW: Teams Webinar
(The invitation with the link will be sent to you by separate mail on the day of the event)



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