In 2020 our Ladies Mind Risk Event was one of the first victims of the corona crisis and had to be postponed just before the first lockdown.

Time flies and here we are again with a virtual Ladies Mind Risk Event on the same topic !

This is a ladies-only event. We urgently request all our members to send their female colleagues to this virtual seminar on “Cryptocurrencies – Too good to be true?”

The world of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets lacks leading ladies.

BELRIM believes it is time to set this right and therefore invites you to an introduction on this topic. The first hype seems to have settled down on this “controversial” issue, but it is clear that a new market has opened up with great opportunities and perhaps even greater risks.

Many questions arise.
What are crypto-currencies and what are crypto-assets? What is the Bitcoin used for? How is Libra doing? Have you heard of Ripple, Litecoin or Ethereum?
How safe is this new technology? Is it sustainable? How about the legal framework: Belgian, European, Global?
Who has a crypto-wallet? Who or what is behind the crypto-assets? What if anything goes wrong and who then bears or covers the risks?

Two specialists in this fields will provide some insights:
Ilse Peeters, Director and Head of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Euroclear
Levi Haegebaert, Bitcoin Expert at Start2Bitcoin

WHEN: Thursday, 11 March 2021, 16h30 – 18h00

HOW: MS Teams – an electronic invitation will be sent by separate mail

Both presentations will be in English.

Don’t hesitate to send us your own questions in advance!

Please register online or ask an invitation at info@belrim.com

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

The BELRIM team



Ilse Peeters, Director, is the Head of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Euroclear SA/NV. Government Relations was part of the Euroclear Corporate Strategy Division until 2017. It is now part of the Compliance, Regulatory Management and Public Affairs Division.
Ms Peeters works closely with key EU public policy stakeholders on relevant industry issues, while ensuring the effective external communication of Euroclear’s strategy. Over the last ten years, she has been involved in the main regulatory initiatives that have shaped the post-trade industry. Her recent focus is on technological innovations such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and ICOs and their regulatory and legal challenges.


Levi Haegebaert is freelance digital marketeer en organisator van de grootste Bitcoin gemeenschap in België. Afgelopen twee jaar gaf hij wereldwijd presentaties en workshops over Bitcoin aan zowel bedrijven als tijdens evenementen. Om zijn ervaringen, kennis en mening te delen, schreef hij een boek, Bitcoin voor beginners, om alles in mensentaal uit te leggen en lezers de weg te tonen hoe ze van start gaan.

Levi schreef ook een boekje: https://www.pelckmanspro.be/bitcoin-voor-beginners.html

en ontworp een “starter box”: https://start2bitcoin.com/en/homepage/bitcoin-starter-box/

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