Covid-19 is a worldwide crisis like we never had before. The pandemic had to be managed as quickly as possible. Unknown challenges lay ahead. New solutions needed to be put in place. Risk Managers were in the front line to steer their companies through the storm.

Luckily the vaccination campaigns are picking up quickly and the daily numbers of hospital admissions are decreasing steadily, however the future is still uncertain..

Time for us to recap and debrief and see what lessons we can learn.

We have invited two of our members to present their experience.

Big or medium-sized, a crisis is a crisis.

NMBS/SNCB, the national railways, have a risk management department and managing the crisis was a team effort. Yves Knaepen will explain how they kept all the trains running while keeping their staff and passengers safe.

HUBO, a national retailer, has a risk and insurance manager who had to keep the stores open, while ensuring the safety of personnel and customers. Nadine Haagen is ready to share her story with us.

To understand the underlying economic background and implications, Prof. Didier Van Caillie of the Université de Liège will draw the conclusions from these examples, compared to a theoretical framework.

“Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best” is our president’s favourite slogan.

With this webinar we wish to help our members to be well prepared.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from each other.

Your active participation is more than welcome. Together we can unlock collective wisdom in the field of Risk Management and put it at each other’s service.

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