Unlike conventional insurance models that rely on indemnification after a loss occurs, parametric insurance involves predetermined, quantifiable parameters to trigger payouts. These parameters are often based on objective and measurable variables, such as seismic activity, weather patterns, or financial indices.


This proactive approach allows businesses and individuals to receive swift and transparent compensation in the event of a predefined event, streamlining the claims process and providing a more predictable risk management framework.

Parametrics offer a versatile tool for addressing a wide range of risks, enhancing resilience in the face of uncertainty, and promoting efficient risk transfer strategies. This emerging paradigm in risk and insurance management is gaining traction as organizations seek more responsive and adaptive solutions to navigate the complex landscape of potential threats.


Dr Alin Radu is responsible for coordinating FastCAT, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance’s (BHSI) parametric insurance product, in UK and Europe. Alin has more than 10 years of experience in catastrophe (CAT) modelling, structural engineering, and parametric insurance for CAT exposed risks.

The presentation will focus on the fundamentals of natural catastrophe parametric insurance, including a brief introduction to CAT modelling and the importance of strong analytics in building reliable and transparent parametric solutions. The discussion will be supported with real-market FastCAT examples and BHSI’s view of the parametric market.

The event will be in English and will be followed by a networking drink.


This exchange will be hosted by Euroclear, 1 Bd du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels (within easy reach from Metro Rogier and Gare du Nord/Noordstation.

The session will start at 3 p.m. sharp and you should allow at least 30 minutes for the registration and security check.

Last date of registration: 10/01/2024



Euroclear SA/NV

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