Our extraordinary general assembly takes place at Zaventem Airport on 21/06/2018 and will be followed by a guided visit of the airport. An official invitation is sent out to all our members. RSVP by 11/06/2018

We would like to insist that all effective members send back the proxy enclosed in the invitation.


15h45 - Welcome members

16h15 - Extraordinary General Assembly

17h30 - Networking Drink

19h00 - Guided Visit Brussels Airport

Due to strict and special safety requirements we need the following information:

  • your name, your company, your licence plate number, a copy of your ID card (both sides & check validity date) *

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Free parking facilities at P27 (limited places) or as indicated

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Blockchain is everywhere these days, but do you really know what it’s all about ?  Find out about this new technology and its applications !

Today, the term blockchain is mainly associated with bitcoin and crypto coins, but it is much more than that.

Blockchain technology is already being tested and applied in a whole range of projects in the most diverse domains that will have an impact on us and our companies.

That is why today we want to take a step in the discovery of what blockchain technology entails, look at the practical applications and evolutions, all with attention for the new risks that may arise.

All this is explained in our exchange that will take place on 24 May in the Vlerick Business School of Brussels, organized by BELRIM in collaboration with ISACA, the Institute of IT Auditors.

Presentations will be given in English by following speakers:


Marc Sel (PWC)                              Blockchain notions, landscape and applicability

Stefan Beyer ( S2 Grupo)               Smart contract security

Jérôme Payenne ( AGCS Paris)    A practical development in insurance

Reinout Temmerman (NBB)         Crypto-currencies, a national bank perspective.


Welcome              13h30

Start                     14h00

20’ Break

Networking drink  1 hour starts between 16h30 and 17h00


Belrim Exchange – Project Risk Management – April 19, 2018

Corporate strategies and business benefits are mostly realized through projects. Managing risks in projects is therefore a critical success factor for all leading companies.

Belrim decided to devote its April’s Exchange to Project Risk Management.

This event is meant to be a real “exchange” for its member companies and their (Project) Risk Managers and Project Managers.


"Introduction Project Management Institute", by Frank Turley, Director of Professional Development, PMI Belgium

“New trends in Project Risk Management”, by Erik Leung (Project Management Institute – Chapter Belgium).

“BELRIM - 2018 Barometer of Project Risk”: key lessons learned, by Marc Doorenbos (Pro Temporis)

Three simultaneous workshops, facilitated by experienced Risk Managers, to exchange ideas and experiences about Project Risk Management key questions:

  • Workshop 1: how do contracts and insurance policies respond to project risks, in the building and engineering sectors? (facilitation by Nathalie Vandenbroucke – BAM) - NL
  • Workshop 2: How to manage concurrent influencing factors (local, human, social, political, legal, technology, environmental, dependencies with other projects, governance, etc.) in a project? (facilitation by Yves Brants – NRB and Marc Doorenbos (Pro Temporis)) - FR
  • Workshop 3: how to define objectives and to mitigate the related risks for both a contractor and its customer, in function of the contract type (e. LSTK/EPC, EPCM)? (facilitation by Gil Dehogne – Yara and Erik Leung – PMI) - ENG


  • Participate in the online survey “BELRIM - 2018 Barometer of Project Risk”, available from 23 March to 13 April.
  •  CHOOSE the workshop you wish to attend and REGISTER for the April 19 Exchange
  • VENUE: Kasteel van Huizingen - Torleylaan 100 - Huizingen
  • TIMING: 13h40 - 17h30

More than 30 years after the first use of the concept of safety culture by the AIEA (1991), experts and researchers agree that the performance of a safety management system is depending on the level of organizational safety culture. If this concept is continuously considered for explaining the performance or the shortcomings of a safety management system, there are however curiously relatively few largely admitted indicators allowing to quantify the level of safety culture and to identify clear enablers allowing to monitor and to improve the level of safety culture.

Which is our current level of safety culture ? Which are the enabling factors that explain our level of safety or risk culture ? Which primary action plan is meaningful in order to increase significantly our level of safety culture in a short, middle and long term perspective respectively ?

This exchange presents the results from an university doctoral research focused on the development of a generic tool able to measure the level of safety culture in an High-Reliability Organization (HRO) and on the identification of explanatory and enabling factors allowing for an increase of this (level of ) culture.

This research is essentially based on key theoretical models such as the ones proposed by Cooper (2002) or Hollnagel (2003, 2006) and integrates them to a largely accepted reference model for performance and quality management, the EFQM excellence model (2013). We highlight mainly the roles played by the nature of the leadership, the human resources as key dominating resources and the quality of partnerships/partnering , coupled with the completeness of the processes, on the increase in the level of organizational safety level.

The main advantage of the tool and the results that are presented during this exchange is their adaptability to different risk approaches (health and safety at work, financial risk, environmental risk, business continuity, ...) and to different types of organizations (HROs but also SMEs, public organizations, not-for-profit organizations, ...).

Marius Kamto won the BELRIM Prize for his PhD paper on this topic. Professor Didier Van Caillie of the ULg was his promotor.


3 specialists in this field will share their know-how:

  1. OECD BEPS proposals and its potential impact on captives and captive owners – Praveen Sharma
  2. Discussion and overview of the criteria used and applied by Belgian courts and tax authorities on the treatment of captive reinsurance structures – Hugo Keulers
  3. FERMA view and initiatives taken with the OECD on how captives should be structured and operate to continue to play a key role in the group risk management – Carl Leeman



Itineraire Lydian_Brussel_FR

Itinerary Lydian_Brussel_EN

route Lydian_Brussel_NL

The event takes place from 12h00 till 14h30.

Find FERMA Booklet HERE


Our annual cocktail is the perfect place to network, looking back at the eventful months of 2017 and reaching out at what lies ahead.

Be sure to join us for an interesting evening.


Risk Frontiers Brussels 2017 : Cyber risk – Rising to the challenge

The annual Risk Frontiers Brussels conference, now in its sixth year, will focus on the ever increasing cyber issues affecting business in Europe.

As well as the threat of cyberattack that looms on the horizon in today’s business environment, the ever present risk of simple technical breakdown or IT failure are other often overlooked threats to industry.

Leading European and international experts will explain what the market is doing to help mitigate and transfer some of these exposures, and delegates will be able to focus more closely on key topics in a series of breakout sessions during the day.

Topics include:

  • The risk landscape, including a look at the impact of digitalisation and IoT
  • Legal and regulatory cyber framework in Europe, including GDPR
  • Supply chain cyber risk – exposure, liability, cost and mitigation
  • IT Failure, BI and Industrial Control Systems
  • Crisis response in the event of a cyberattack or breakdown
  • Internal and external threats – people, culture and awareness
  • Risk identification and mapping
  • Cyber risk transfer and claims

Book your space now! Attendance is free for risk managers, £120 for other delegates (ex VAT) and £60 for Belrim members.




The hotel has some parking at the hotel and the address of the car park is Rue de Livourne 4. The cost would be €9 per car for the conference.
Otherwise there is a public car park directly next to the hotel at a cost of €2 per hour

When: 30/11/2017 - from 8:30 am to 5 pm

Find the preliminary programme HERE.

“We live in the era of, “yes, I can”. We tell ourselves that whatever we want to achieve, if we work hard enough, we can do it. Achieve more, be the best, push to the top, reach your goals, have no limits. Yes, you can! But sometimes all this “yes, I can” results in something very different indeed: a severe case of “no. I really, really can’t”. And when you really, really can’t, you have probably burned out.” Source:

When burnout hits, it usually hits hard. So, how can we recognise the first symptoms? How can we recover? How can the employer help? How can we prevent it from happening? How can we create a healthy culture in our company ("Corporate Wellness"), in order to prevent burnout and give an enormous boost to our companies' ROI?

A real-life experience, the expertise of a re-integration partner and a highly effective approach to "Corporate Wellness" will lead us through the different stages on how this can and should be integrated in our daily busy lives and our company culture.

With the kind collaboration of Catherine Van Cauwelaert, REHALTO and MOOV-IT.

Sandwich lunch included.

Hosted by AMMA - avenue des Arts 39/1 - 1040 Brussels - 6th Floor

Metro: Arts/Loi

Parking: Rue de la Loi

A free e-book on "What is corporate Wellness" that can be downloaded here (in Dutch)

Take the survey:





Michel de Kemmeter will be the keynote speaker at this exchange on Immaterial risks: opportunities for new growth.

At horizon 2025, lots of jobs will disappear or change totally. Businesses will be deeply impacted. People too. Lots of new intangible risks emerge, and this hyper-complexity puzzles our leaders in their strategic decision-making. 

This workshop will address economic prospective, intangible risk monitoring, to bring a new light on efficient strategies in our industries.

The exchange will start at 2 pm and will be followed by a networking drink.

Parking info: Parking


The FERMA FORUM takes place from 15 till 18 October 2017 in Monte Carlo. Find more info here.

As usual, BELRIM will hold its BELGIAN EVENING on the Sunday, 15/10/2017.

Please find the invitation below - RSVP before 12/09/2017.