On 10 September 2015, the award giving ceremony of the BELRIM Prize took place in the Castle of Huizingen.


Marc Rombouts, President a.i. of the Scientific Committee, reminded the audience of the criteria taken into account for the attribution of the prize. These covered the presentation of the work, the general knowledge by the authors of risk management, the in-depth analysis, the innovative character and, above all, the practical aspects or direct impact which risk or insurance managers could obtain from this paper.

Given the quality of the papers, BELRIM’s new partner, Wolters Kluwer agreed to foresee additional prizes such as free tickets to the BIC event, book packages and an Ipad mini for the runner-up.

The jury of the BELRIM Prize consisted of the following experts:

Mrs Adriana Cavaliere, Enterprise Risk Manager at Swift and member of the Belrim Board
Mrs Michelle De Vlieger, Director Corporate Planning and Risk Manager at AIB Vinçotte and member of the Belrim Board
Mr Jo Willaert, Corporate Risk Manager at Agfa-Gevaert, member of the Belrim Board and new FERMA President
Mr Yves Brants, Risk Manager at NRB, member of the Scientific Committee
Mr Jacques Van Keirsbilck, former Risk Manager at BAM and now risk and insurance coach
Mr Edouard Thys, former Risk Manager at Bombardier, member of the Belrim Advisory Board and FERMA’s Director of Education
Mr Marc Rombouts, Insurance Manager at UCL, President a.i. of the Scientific Committee and member of the Belrim Board

The following papers were awarded a prize:

in 5th position: The influence of top management on the development of ERM, by Margot Desseyn and Elke Ongenae of the KULeuven, promotor prof. Alexandra Van den Abbeele;
In 4th position: The relationship between performance measurement and risk appetite by Thibault Moreaux of UCL/LSM, promotor prof. Gerrit Sarens;
In 3rd position: IT risk management in the banking sector by Patricia Van Oertzen of ULB/Solvay, promotor dr. Marie Gemma Dequae;
In 2nd position: The impact of organizational culture on the implementation of a risk management system: case study by Liesbet Grymonprez of Ugent/ECON, promotor prof. Gerrit Sarens;

and the BELRIM Prize, which is a free ticket to the FERMA Forum in Venice, flights and hotel accommodation included, was awarded to:

Internal organization of enterprise risk management in Belgian companies by Eveline Van Poucke and Karel-Jan Smet, Vlerick/Ugent, promotor prof. Regine Slagmulder

As this ceremony coincided with the annual New Members Dinner, a round of  presentations and a pleasant networking dinner followed.

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