Juliette’s journey to the BELRIM Prize began when her thesis advisor Prof. Didier Van Caillie
at HEC Liège introduced her to the contest. He was well aware of the opportunity and encouraged several of his students to apply. Recognizing the potential of Juliette’s thesis topic on risk management, he asked her to participate in the BELRIM Prize competition. Juliette sent in her application in 2021, the same year she was working on her thesis.

For Juliette, the preparations for the BELRIM Prize were relatively straightforward. She filled out the required application form provided by BELRIM. However, the most time-consuming aspect was summarizing her extensive research into a single page. Condensing 70 pages of research into a concise one-pager was no small feat but a necessary step in the application process.

Juliette’s relationship with her professor, D. Van Caillie, was a significant factor in her journey. Having had him as a teacher and worked with him before, Juliette found a mentor who was not only supportive but also well-equipped to guide her in her academic pursuits. Professor Van Caillie’s advice on relevant papers in risk management and steering her in the right direction was invaluable throughout the process.

At the outset, Juliette had limited knowledge of the BELRIM Prize and its significance. It was only after exploring the organisation’s website and engaging in discussions with Professor Van Caillie that she gained a clearer understanding of BELRIM. The full scope of what BELRIM does became even more apparent after Juliette’s victory in the competition.

For Juliette, the BELRIM Prize was about much more than just recognition. It was an opportunity to connect with a diverse array of people from different countries and backgrounds. The interaction and networking opportunities were highly rewarding. Although Juliette couldn’t attend the prize ceremony in person due to her residence in Norway, she found Ann and Yves, the organisers, to be warm and welcoming online, leaving her excited for future in-person meetings.

Winning the BELRIM Prize not only brought recognition, but also tangible benefits. The prize included an opportunity to participate in the FERMA forum, a European risk and insurance management event that occurs every two years in different European cities. Additionally, Juliette received a one-year membership to the BELRIM organisation.

In 2022, the FERMA forum was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Juliette joined the Belgian delegation and other young FERMA attendees as a “special guest.” This experience allowed her to connect with other young professionals in a similar situation, providing a comfortable environment for networking and building lasting relationships.

After completing her studies at HEC Liège in June 2021, Juliette relocated to Norway, where she initially worked as a researcher for HEC Liège. In April 2022, she began her career with Aibel, a prominent service company in the oil, gas, and offshore wind industries. At Aibel, she serves as a project planner, responsible for ensuring projects are executed on time and with the appropriate resources.

Juliette was able to meet many BELRIM members during the FERMA Forum in Copenhagen. This exposure to the risk management world left a lasting impression and significantly enriched her network and knowledge.

Juliette’s journey from a university student to a BELRIM Prize winner is an inspiring tale of hard work, dedication, and the importance of seizing opportunities. Her message to those considering participating in such competitions is clear: “I would like to sincerely encourage anyone who is tempted to participate to do it. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the people you meet, the things you learn, and the network you create are worth it!”

Juliette Lonhienne’s journey will hopefully inspire many other students in risk management, to participate in the upcoming BELRIM prize in 2024!


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